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It was so cold outside the day that Sarah and I went for photo session. She left her jacket in her car and performed like a pro! I hadn't photographed a solo portrait session and a while and needed to ease my way back into photography. So when I saw Sarah on social media killing it at the modeling game I reached out to her and asked if she'd be interested in doing a portfolio-building session. She said yes, which led to us being outside in the frigid air. I don't know how long we were outside for, and I honestly felt so bad that it was cold that I tried to rush the session a bit so she could warm up in her car. I had a super fun time and I learned a bit about her, ie. we both have significant others in the military, and we have/had adorable babies (mine's not such a baby anymore lol).

You can check out her modeling and photography page on instagram at:


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