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A girl's trip is what I absolutely recommend to refresh (I feel refresh is hilarious because there was no spa or sleeping in) yourself and remind yourself why you love your own bed so much. I had the best time with my friends in Burlington, Vermont and Boston. We stayed in a sketchy hotel in Vermont (10/10 do not recommend, splurge for a better hotel), and a really nice hotel in the Boston area.

We had so many ideas of what we could do with our time, but so little time to make those ideas work. As we headed to the aquarium to check it out, we spied the huge lineup to get in and just noped right out of there. Honestly, too many glasses of wine and not enough sleep made waiting in that huge line-up a big not gonna happen.

We ate Wahlburgers and we hit up a Ben & Jerry's factory and saw how they made the ice cream and then I went and got some ice cream. I did not take a picture, I just ate it with my mouth.

Vacationing with friends 10/10. 100% recommended & would do again, Just need more time next go.

xo Steph


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