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My name is Stephanie I'm a milspouse, a coffee enthusiast, and a lover of all things iridescent.

I'm a cat-loving Scrabble player who loves medium to dark roast coffee, riding on rollercoasters (although it's been a while) & devouring & creating delicious foods. An eclectic, spicy, creative soul who just wants to spread love and light and keep her mind open to the possibilities that could be. I fancy myself a bit of an introvert with extroverted tendencies and if I'm being honest a bit of a weirdo. I believe you can only be yourself, so I am myself & I look forward to meeting & getting to know you so we can create fabulous art together.

If you're looking for some fresh prints for your walls, check out my shop! 

   xo Steph

with an ethereal edge.

You are once in a lifetime, I love to celebrate that.

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