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I am going quarancrazy! I can’t wait to get back to some semblance of normal and interacting with other people on my own terms. I do love me some solitude but I am need of some way to break through a creative jail. I have so many photos of the world around me that I’ve not shared in any capacity, as well as some poetry that I’d like to share at some point.

As such I’ve decided to share these carefully selected photos with you that have nothing to do with portraiture and are of a more documentary type photo of the world around me.

I’ve received a few new vintage lenses over my time in isolation that I’ve experimented with and I’m happy to share my experience with these lenses with all of y’all. First up will my Takumar 200 f3.5 lens that I got because I wanted to see what the compression of the lens looked like. This is a manual focus lens and it can be difficult to nail focus with this lens. I hope you enjoy these! I was looking at getting some good clarity in focus images that highlighted the subject and frame it with some of that good ol creamy bokeh.


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